Step 4: Be On the Right Path

This sounds like a weird question–I guess you can tell by now that I may be a little out there.

Is the universe saying yes or no?

Sometimes we’re simply not on the right path. Not being able to make progress toward a goal may mean that it’s not meant for us. My recent job searches have been fruitless–I don’t think I’m unqualified, but there may still have been a better candidate in the pool (this seems to be happening lately, both in my work life and in dating), or there may be reasons I’m not yet aware of but will be revealed later. Traditional wisdom would say “something better is in store,” but I’ll be the first to admit, it’s hard and getting harder to keep my chin up and still be gracious when the no’s come in.

Have you ever had an awkward moment that was the key to getting a yes or getting a no? You know exactly in that moment that something went wrong, but you have no idea why it happened that way? Your intuition may have been telling you something you weren’t ready for: you thought you wanted the job, but your gut knew it would be a terrible fit. Are your expectations realistic?

On the other hand, there are also moments when the universe sends a clear, resounding “Yes!” My brother and his then-wife were living and working in Colorado. They came home to Tennessee for a visit, and at a baby shower we were all attending, it came over them: “We don’t want to be there any more; we want to come home.” My brother began his job search, and before they went home, he already had a job and nearly everything had fallen into place for them to be able to move. They were back in Tennessee less than two months later.

So are you getting yes-es or no’s? Once you answer that, the next question becomes “what message am I missing?” and “should I change paths instead?” I tend to cling to a certain path I’ve chosen, even when it no longer serves me or I won’t be able to make further progress.

At those times, I have to let go of the rope. Sometimes in a game of tug of war, the two teams are evenly matched. It’s gone on for quite a while, the teams have struggled and are getting tired, and when no one is making any progress, the only way to move forward is for someone to let go of the rope. The match ends, the teams know what doesn’t pay off, and can then regroup and save the rest of their energy for something they can win–or for a different effort.

Sometimes, when the universe is saying no, you may not be on the right path. It’s time to let go of the rope.


One thought on “Step 4: Be On the Right Path

  1. Sometimes I think we stand in our own way. Take a leap of faith, believe in your inner soul and spirit and life will take you on a path. It may not seem right at that moment, but can lead you to that safe and comfort place you need to be. Every though and action can not be figured out. Trusting in your instinct and knowing when something is done or said to you that feels wrong to you, just let it go. I think that when you realize that most of life does not have the answers and we are here to act and feel this MOMENT.

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