The Numbers Are In

67.25 hours, start to finish

104 participants, not including spouses

24 newcomers, 21 in attendance

44 to have quorum

13(+?) bishops

1 church service

3 business sessions

11 committees met a total of 15 times

13 staff liaisons

16 locations

11 meals/breaks, with 2 vegetarians, 1 gluten-free, 1 dairy-free, and one last-minute soft diet

34 speaker sessions, plus people to pray and people to introduce

4 presentations

8 shades of colored paper

130 packets of materials

nametags for every day, every event….three kinds, lost count of how many

countless helpers–everyone in my office, plus chapel staff, catering staff from three suppliers, physical plant services crews for set up, media support for recording and audiovisuals, and who knows how many others.


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