Hi, I’m Sandy. Fresh out of a relationship that’s been my best ever but had been deteriorating for a while. He has been my favorite of anyone I’ve ever dated, 95% compatible but still not quite the match that either one of us needed.

I am happy that he thinks he’s found the woman who is his soul’s home. What sweeter compliment than to say, “I’ve fallen in love . . . and she’s just like you.” When they look into each other’s eyes, the world doesn’t just stop – they are in their own private universe.

My mind and body are weary, but my heart is hopeful. I focus too much on the other person’s happiness and not enough on my own. I’m writing mainly to stay focused on myself, have a place to read and reread when I need encouragement, and to figure out how to find what I need and want: to fall in love with MY new love.


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